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Leadership Training Course

What is the Weaver Sales Academy?

Video Training Platform

  • Massive Video Library.

  • Agency Playbook.

  • Train Your Team.

  • Auto Quote Process & Conversation

    Increase your team's closing ratio with proven, value-based auto sales conversations that will help them have consistent conversations. Reduce training time and let the videos train your sales people so you have more time to focus on other income producing activities.

  • Appointment Process & Conversation

    Drive more results and premium using a value-based appointment conversation that teaches the most amateur salesperson how to have the same conversation as a tenured financial professional.

  • Simple Processes & Systems

    Step-by-step instruction on how to establish a more efficient and profitable agency through simple processes and systems! This varies from what a successful team meeting looks like, to your hiring process, on-boarding a new team member, marketing strategies, simplistic activities that lead to massive results to improving retention strategies and much, much more!

  • Audio & PDF Instruction

    Follow along with mock-conversations and your own personal Playbook that dives into each training and provides extra worksheets to guide you on your path to success.

Weaver Sales Academy Image of Community with Access to 3 Trainings a Week and a Team of Coaches with Weekly Role Plays





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