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Weaver Sales Academy Topics

Want a glimpse inside the program? Here's what you'll learn.

Auto Quote Process & Convo

This process and conversation will take your sales team to the next level and teach everyone in your office to have value based conversations with every customer, every time!

Appointment Process & Convo

This conversation will help ensure your sales team uncovers more opportunities, performs like the financial professional they are, and build loyalty with your customers to make them customers for life!

Sales Basics

This section will have quick tips to help turn your amateur team member into a professional. Use this for daily motivation and tips!

Activity Tracking

This section will take the confusion out of your current activities you are tracking and teach you simplistic activities to track and measure.

New Hire Training

Let Weaver Sales Academy take your amateur and turn them into a professional in less than 6 months! We do the training for you to make your agency a team of rock stars!

Hiring Process

Use this process to elevate your interview process, giving the proper tests and taking the adequate amount of time to find the right candidate!

Marketing Systems

What does your marketing plan look like? Are you getting the return on investment you would like? Maximize your ROI and get the best quality leads possible.

Team Meetings

Learn proven strategies from a top-tier office, including: when you should be meeting as a team, what those meeting should look like and communicating goals.

Retention Strategies

Your goal should be to turn every lead into a life-long customer. Adopt these strategies and take your customer experience to the next level!

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